Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Steve wants to replace the common controls

Hmm...this looks interesting. Steve's just reported that he's submitted his VFP Common Controls replacement library to the SednaX group.

Hey Steve- why not show us a sample with a screencast?

Between this and Carlo's excellent Status bar control, we'll have updated UIs in our applications in no time!


Steve Ellenoff said...

Thanks for the blog mention! :)

Can you provide some links on how to easily create a screencast (hopefully free if possible)?

I've not had much time to investigate, but would love to get into it.


Andrew MacNeill said...

We could do a screen cast via GoToMeeting if you like (almost an interview style).

For free, you can use the Windows Media Encoder (available for free from MS) - it's a bit hokey to get use to using but once the video is done, you can then edit it with Windows Movie Maker (free with Windows XP).