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Developer's Code

Lessons, advice, and unadulterated opinions on web development - The Developer's Code Great document on a variety of lessons learned from development. My favorite (so far): #4 - The "Ivory Tower" Architect is a myth. Even if it was written by a young whippersnapper (KA WAI CHEUNG) at the age of 32. Someone should have suggested putting a year in the copyright, though. It was first posted around March of this year. FoxPro VFP

Southwest Fox 2011 Speakers and Sessions Announced

Doug Hennig made a post of this but SW Fox looks like it will be really blast this year! True to form, it's like a diving board for FoxPro developers to explore new software development techniques and technologies in all their glory. VFP Techniques sessions include Class Design, subqueries, event-binding, Windows 7, cursor adapters, legacy code, multi-threading. New Technologies: Thor, Lightswitch, Cloud Storage, GoogleFy, Mercurial , jQuery and Silverlight. As many have posted before, Southwest Fox is a whole series of conferences in one: there's the "actual" conference, the pre-conference, the post-conference, the "practice run session" previews that you can see as speakers practice their talks and then the "networking" conference, where you can talk with other FoxPro developers about how they do what they do. But also exciting are the Pre and post shows : MVC3, SmartPhone and FoxInCloud. The annual Web Connection conference is being held right