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7 dirty consultant tricks (InfoWorld)

InfoWorld had a neat article a few days back called 7 dirty consultant tricks (and how to avoid them) Those of us who are consultants should know that these are being done and should be pretty angry about it. Most of the practices listed here are the reasons why the right consultants (that would be us) don't get the jobs we bid on. Those who run consulting firms should know about these and know that they are the best way to stay in business. I wrote an response to this on my own web site more but thought I would share some of the immediate takeaways here: 1.  If you (as a client) aren't starting your project with a measurable result by a specific date, then you need to break your project INTO those results first. Otherwise, assemble an internal team and maybe ask for some guidance but keep the deliverables in mind at all times. If you don't, it becomes a money pit. 2. I often look at my work as a consultant as being similar to a good plumber: if you want me to f

WP7/IE9 Developer Bootcamp - Ottawa

Something for the local Ottawa group...Microsoft Ottawa is doing a Developer Bootcamp on May 11th. While some things don't sound that exciting ("Enhancing Pinned Sites with IE 9"), the HTML 5 session does look pretty cool. Despite Hachamovitch's recent statements of "native HTML5", IE9's improved support for web standards is a good thing all around. I look forward to building web sites that every browser can support. That said, look to the FoxShow next week for an interesting interview with the FoxInCloud guys. WP7/IE9 Developer Bootcamp - Ottawa FoxPro VFP