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Adam Barr on Leveraging Your Weakness

Adam has a great post about how managers can take what many perceive as a weakness and turn it into a strength. His point is that if you consider a weakess is likely that the user is overdoing something, "which means that the person actually possesses a strength that they are just overdoing. Take away the overdoing and presto, what's left is a strength." It only goes so far certainly - we are talking about personality traits (what quality is a developer who writes buggy code overdoing?). I'm not so sure what the long term effects of promoting a weakness might be, but it is an interesting idea. Do you have a weakness that you can "flip" into a strength? Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: Leverage Your Weakness FoxPro VFP

Social Media and Recruiting: ways to go?

This is a great 4 minute review of how social networking is changing the world...Some of the stats are pretty incredible to think about. I've been off Twitter and FB for a while now but using LinkedIn and VisualCV when looking for contract work. What was interesting was that one of the recruiters I was talking to was starting to get into the habit of using LinkedIn for searching for people. I'm sure in the US and other areas, this has pretty much already happened for recruiters months and years ago. What's different here though, is that these are federal government recruiters - one demographic that has not really embraced social media (at least in Canada). At any rate, very interesting and well-done presentation. Still think corporate participation in Social Media is optional? - Skrocki's Blog

Be aware of Gmail Scam

I use gMail and just received an email asking for information regarding account currency. This is a major scam. Although this is being reported, immediate Google searches aren't turning up anything. The emails are sent from and is cc'ing a "Gmail Team" address at Do NOT be fooled - this is most definitely a scam. Gmail Scam Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ

Peter discusses using ARG Command Bars

FoxPro developer Peter Hart has started a blog to showcase his learnings when working with the Arg Command Bars library. CommandBars is a fantastic library for FoxPro developers that replicates the Office command menus beautifully. Peter shows how it goes even further now with support for the Office 2007 interface. Great place to learn how to use this tool even further from my video below:   earlier videos . FoxPro VFP