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Rick Borup shares the knowledge

Rick announced that his Southwest Fox 2005 papers are published . I spoke with Rick about RSS and Wix on the FoxShow. Glad to see the content is now available. If, like me, you think developers should be doing more with RSS - read the RSS piece for examples of using RSS for error logs and updates. Now the last one (about updates) would fit in beautifully with NewsGator's latest offering . And MORE - he just posted a videocast on using InnoSetup.

Xdrive : Needs Help Right Away

Wow - hard to imagine that a company whose SOLE Purpose for existing is to provide reliable storage via the web can't solve a problem, not in 24, not in 48 , not in 72 hours, heck - I've had a problem reported since December 9th and they still hadn't resolved it. I was told by Tony today that there were hundreds, if not thousands of people ahead of me in the support queue. WOW! - all I can say to people is STAY AWAY from xDrive. The concept is solid - the implementation is not. It simply DOES NOT WORK. I've already lost $90 because I let them say "we're working on it" - no more. If you want to try their free trial, go for it - but don't bother signing up for it. It will disappoint or worse, you will lose your files that they say have been saved. I had 1 gig of saved family videos from the very first day that I have never been able to retrieve. This company is a great example of Web -1.0. Their support group follow their steps - they try to be helpful b

Effective Email 102

I say 102 because my real guide for emailing comes from Bill Jensen's book : The Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More However Guy's effective emailer is a great refresher. Let the Good Times Roll--by Guy Kawasaki: The Effective Emailer 1. Yes, I'm often guilty of #5 either by "fisking" or by sending back one line responses. But I'm working at it. My #1 frustration is dealing with those who do it as well so at least I can appreciate it. As Guy says "Take my advice and do as I say, not as I have done--or will do. :-)"

Using What You Need

A great post on life, resources and the great things people can do when they have little of both - and funny enough, it ties into Visual FoxPro. I'll say what isn't directly stated in this post - I just started running Visual Studio 2005 on my fairly new (one-year old) laptop and it just feels "sluggish" - it's definitely resource hungry - no fault of the product - that's just the way it is (like Office, OpenOffice, and many other products). I was hoping to find a good XSLT builder in VS but it looks like I may just have to build my one - unless someone knows of one that is light-weight and builds fairly good XSLTs. (yes, I know the Intellisense is great in VS 2005 but it's almost like what I'm looking for is something where I can drag and drop an XML file onto a blank page and have it build a basic XSLT for me directly - lazy? Yes. Practical? Definitely. Just like the Object Browser) If VS does do this, please let me know how because it's definite

Fox Forward 2006 Conference - A community conference for developers, by develoeprs

As Rick Schummer noted , it looks like the fall is once again the season of Visual FoxPro conferences with the new Fox Forward 2006 conference being scheduled for Atlanta on September 15th-17th. The "for developers, by developers" tag line sounds like it might get overused (I think DevTeach also uses it). Craig's got a full list right here . but here's the direct link to the Fox Forward 2006 Conference - A community conference for developers, by develoeprs

State of the Language Address

Craig must have been inspired by something, posting his The SPS Weblog - State of the Language Address Now, what was missing is where we are supposed to stand up and applaud! The real solution - better VFP applications being seen visibly as often as possible. Now that would be a Blitzy ad campaign. The challenge? Getting businesses who are persuaded by other "blitzy" ad campaigns to realize it.

DevBlog: Agile is dead!

Fantastic post from Craig - what a great conference to attend - especially at the start of April. The best session has to be "Testing: Saving the best for last!" - I think I've read her article: "If Today's the Ship Date, I Must Be Done Testing." DevBlog: Agile is dead!