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I Want (or Don't Want) MacBook Air

Updated: certainly some of the reported problems (obscure USB among others) might make this device not as appealing. I also priced out a similar Sony Vaio - and they ended up being equally priced but you got more with the Vaio. foray back into Mac land may have to wait a bit... OK - now I know what I definitely want for my new notebook. The overall HW specs don't sound that great - but it's time to dump my Dell (I reviewed the buy-out on my HW lease - what a rip-off - this machine is going back) - and I really do think it's time to come back to my true 6-color roots (even if Apple's colors these days run more platinum) But's THAT thin???? Cripes...and it looks like their pricing for Canada is close to on par. $1899 Cdn vs. $1799 US. If you look at today's exchange rate ($1.0378), it's pretty close. Yes , I suppose I could look at a Sony VAIO - but no thanks, Sony. I've pretty much stopped doing business with you (even if you did

Awaiting Sedna

According to Craig, Sedna Release Appears to be Imminent... This is, of course, great news for FoxPro developers as they have been waiting (im) patiently for it since October when they released SP2. I had noted it on an earlier post and asked around, finding out that Sedna got put behind VS2008 and SQL 2008 in the "release" queue. (Good to see that Craig is providing more details on it, although an updated EULA from Legal certainly isn't something I hoped to see - what new things could they have possibly put into it from June's CTP?) But since then, a few regression bugs were found in SP2. I can appreciate wanting to close the door on new VFP development - but with some of the fairly major bugs that were introduced, I hope that either: a) Sedna includes some fixes for it in the xBase apps (I'm not sure how that would work but if the report Preview engine controls how data is displayed, maybe it could) b) Sedna includes some hot-fix DLLs One can only hope. I am de

First Production Release: GdiPlusX 1.10

Bo Durban has announced the first production release of GDIPlusX from VFPX is now available for download from CodePlex. GDIPlus is one of those things that look really cool but have always been hard to wrap your head around, especially in FoxPro. GDIPlusX makes it 10 times easier. Get it today! VFPX - Release: GdiPlusX 1.10 Blogged with Flock