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Hardware choices

I'm in a quandry (and not because I haven't posted in a while - I have a number of posts in draft form that need to come). I'm looking at new machines but I'm unsure. Do I invest in a better server to handle better VMs and possibly Hyper-V and then simply RDP into it when needed or do I look at a laptop for more VPCs? Ideally it would be both - but economics these days limit the potential. Server hasn't been upgraded for 4 years (Dell SC400) but neither really has the laptop (Dell5150) Platform doesn't matter these days. Thoughts?

DevExpress Controls: Creating Characters Counters for Memo / Text boxes

I had to do this for a client so I thought I would share it. It uses the DevExpress ASPxGridView and Editor controls in an ASP.Net solution. Here's some code to create a character counter for your text/memo boxes.  It's fairly common with regular javascript but it can be tricky with custom controls. I used KeyUp because TextChanged only fires when you LEAVE the control. Also note the use of GetText() to get the content. I struggled (stupidly!) with this trying to use the javascript text property.  The ASPxEditor javascript controls have their own javascript methods. GetText and SetText. (if you want to get scared, look at the amount of javascript that is generated when using an ASPxGridView control on a form) <dxe:ASPxMemo ID="txtInfo" runat="server" Width="100%" Height="76px">                 <ClientSideEvents KeyUp="function(s,e){                 var ele = s.GetText();                 lblInfo.SetText(ele.length + '/