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Here, There and AlphaAnywhere

I had a great conversation last week with Richard Rabins from AlphaSoftware .  Long time Fox developers might remember Alpha 5 - that's the same company but they now have an offering called Alpha Anywhere which is a fast way of generating HTML 5 based solutions for web-based and mobile based solutions. Before you think about "yet another HTML 5 App generator", while you can do client-side javascript, you can also do server side scripting with their language, which is very similar to VFP.  They've also got a fairly well known CTO, Dan Bricklin (of Visicalc fame). He's done a lot of "native" development for iOs and various platforms so it's interesting for him to jump into the full HTML 5. They have a demo version you can look at to get started but are also filled with lots of AlphaAnywhere. I'm going to be publishing our talk in a FoxShow next week but one of the great things for Fox developers is that he's hoping to be at the SW Fox con