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Windows 7: First Early Impressions on VPC

First off, let me say I do HAVE Vista on my laptop and find it very annoying compared to Windows XP. ( I wanted to state that after Kevin Hoctor's comment on twitter.) Vista has moved XP into a more secure environment but along with it came UAC, which to this day annoys me and makes me feel like I have to do three steps when I only used to have to do one in XP. So before committing myself to running a beta product that is supposedly faster than its predecessors, I put it onto a Virtual PC. Certain UI elements (like the Taskbar Properties) have been cleaned up for which I'm thankful. I still DON'T like the new Start menu - I don't think it's taken me away from SlickRun . I did get some BSODs when installing the Virtual Machine Add-ons ( I couldn't give it as feedback using MS connect - although part of the program, it wouldn't say I was part of it). Still, I installed Foxfire ! ( a VFP app) on it (and while I had to Run As Administrator to get it to work), i

A New Year...A New Month...A New Technology...

I have (first correction - thanks Matt!) been pulling together links for a larger "start of the year" post and decided to scale it back and try something a bit different. The various sites that AKSEL manages will be going through a "re-branding" exercise in the near future but one of my goals this year is to follow Chris Brogan's Three Words idea (Freedom. Consistency. Communication - I'm still deciding...) as well as working in some of Mark Riffey's ideas into my weekly schedule. Rod Paddock asked "What's in a title" - and pointed out that one thing developers can do to become better developers is to adopt more agile practices - and he lists several practices and his experience with them. That's a great goal for developers but what about "database developers"? There are lots of developers out there but almost every role needs to be qualified further: web developer, application developer, database developer. Are there other q

Farewell Friend

Late last night, sad news traveled around the FoxPro community about the passing of Ceil Silver. While she had been battling cancer for quite some time, one would never know it from her constant enthusiasm. She was a great colleague and a good friend. She will be missed. If you are so inclined, the charity of choice (according to her daughter, Rachel) would be the NYU Cancer Center where she was being treated. Her daughter has updated her blog here . Andy Kramek's post