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Brandon Savage: Hating Old Code Is a Sign Of Growth

Hating old code is a sign of growth. In late 2021 I took a hard look at some code I wrote back in 2013. I  hated  it. The design was all wrong, it didn't follow best practices or good standards, and it was a mess. A product of its time, sure: there were no type hints, no return value definitions, and no Psalm annotations to process. But it was still  ugly  and I was embarrassed. Ever have this experience? Hear the good news: it's  normal , and perfectly fine. Writing code is a learning process, from day one to the day you stop doing it for good. You're always growing, always improving. It's like reading your writing from high school: you're a better writer  today than you ever were then. If you hate your old code, it's a sign of growth, in you and in your skills. Don't concern yourself with how awful the old code is; focus on making the new code great, and bring the old code to the new standard.