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SQL: Does a Field Exist?

In the FoxPro world, checking to see if a field exists can be done a number of ways: =AFIELDS(la) IF ASCAN(la,"FIELDNAME")>0 ENDIF or IF TYPE("FIELDNAME") = "U" (I'm sure there are lots of other ways especially if you're already working with a data dictionary tool) In T-SQL, there is no real equivalent however, you can do the same by using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA table. While there is no shortage of sites on the web that will show you similar code (like this one ), I wanted to post it here for any VFP devs who may be switching between DBFs and SQL. IF NOT EXISTS( SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS WHERE INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS.TABLE_NAME = 'MyTable' AND COLUMN_NAME='MyColumn') ALTER TABLE myTable ADD MyColumn decimal(10,2) NULL Of course, this assumes that the table already exists but you can use similar approaches for tables as well. IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_NAM

VFPx Showcase: Control Renamer

When speaking about VFPx at last year's Southwest Fox conference, it became evident that there aren't a lot of avenues for finding out how to use various pieces of VFPx. So as part of the FoxShow , I'm creating videos designed to showcase VFPx components, starting with the Control Renamer. If you have ever wanted to rename a control in a class or form but were hesitant because of missing other code references, the Control Renamer is definitely a tool you want to try. Now, there are lots of areas where new options can be added into this tool - but they are primarily "extras" like setting color settings or some logging. Check it out below! FoxPro VFP

New VFP 9 SP2 Hotfixes: Report Designer Bug Fixed

Rick Schummer just noted this on his blog but it bears repeating. A bug that Cathy Pountney had reported with the VFP 9 SP2 Report Designer has been fixed and is available for download, combined with 2 other hotfixes. As Rick points out: "Hopefully this is just the third in a string of hotfixes we will see from Microsoft as they support the product we all love. Today is a very good day. This is one small step for VFP, one giant leap for VFP developers. " Download it here FoxPro VFP