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SwFox 2012 Ceil Silver Ambassador is Jun Tangunan!

Doug just noted that Jun Tangunan will be the 2012 Ceil Silver Ambassador for this year's Southwest Fox conference. Jun blogs at  and has some really cool ideas with his ssClasses for Visual FoxPro, some fun and some more product centred . Congrats Jun and hope to see you in October! FoxPro VFP

H600 Wireless Headphones Gotcha

Just a note on the Logitech H600 found from eHow but the comment was buried and only available via the Google Cache so I thought I would repost it here. I'm using an H600 with a MacBook Pro. It stopped charging and I didn't know why. I came across this gem: Headline: My Logitech Headset  350 Won't Work | I  had   trouble  with  my   h600   logitech   headset   not   charging . I just got a steady orange light. I couldn't find much help online but what I did do was unplug  my   headset  turned the computer off for about 5 mins and even unplugged the computer. I tuened it back on , plugged in  my   headset  and viola! it started to blink slowly and is now  charging . I hope this helps someone else. So I took the USB wire out , tried it on a AC charger (didn't work) but then went down and plugged it into my PC - it started recharging as expected. I'll update this to see if it completely dies again. I hope not - I've been having terrible lu