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Judging Code

Sam Stephenson of 37 Signals wrote this post on December 13th, 2012 - You Are Not Your Code . I didn't realize he was one of the authors of the Prototype framework or even that he worked at 37 signals (until the bottom of the post). The other point I wanted to make is that I don't think this is specific to "open-source" work either. " Developers working together to build shared infrastructure: it’s the fundamental tenet of open-source software. Any motivated programmer with an idea and the ability to implement it can solve a common problem, share the solution with the world, and reap the rewards of future improvements by peer review." It's not just open-source software - it's ANY software. Every product or project you work on typically involves working together, even if it's by simply pitting your own crazy ideas against each other. You solve a problem and then you get reviewed, whether it be by peers, superiors or, far worse, the purcha

A Quick Plug: Whitey Board

Yes, it's a very politically incorrect name but Whitey Board is AWESOME!!! I purchased two because the office where I'm currently working doesn't give consultants their own white board (and meeting rooms are hard to find).  Who uses white boards anymore? After seeing supposed consultants and business analysts struggle using a SmartBoard or any of those other intelligent white boards AND getting tired of deciphering things on a smaller screen, I needed something anyone could use and didn't need to sit around a computer screen to look at it. Bonus #1: INEXPENSIVE (24$ - I bought two 2x3) It came in rolled up tubes and stuck onto the nearby wall in minutes. Bonus #2: Super easy to put up anywhere You can unstick and re-stick it anywhere. Bonus #3: Roll it up and take it with you If you're looking for a solution for discussing ideas in a group, check it out. Of course, there are some downsides: 1. The provided dry-erase pen is useless. Buy some better