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Why The New Guy Can’t Code - Really?!?!

Thank heavens Jon Evans posted Why The New Guy Can’t Code , an explanation for all software development shops to read before hiring someone. This article explains that the evils of all poor hirings are: a) Microsoft's fault b) old systems c) hungarian notation d) not female It's not the fault of poor HR, a bad interview, or even the lack of the supervisor's ability to explain a problem - no, the above are the reasons that the new developer "can't seem to get up to speed", "shows basic ignorance", and produces work that "is so kludgey that it...must be rewritten" OK, I'll agree with a few points: 1. The brain-teaser questions. Sure, they're fun - HR loves them because they can remember them - but ultimately, they were designed to show how people think about problems and how people arrive at solutions. They aren't actually a bellweather, especially as most of them are posted online. Can you imagine a MacGyver interview? "You&