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Disrupting the Business Application Market Place

This will likely be the year that Apple unveils a tablet-based PC. Nothing innovative in that - Microsoft has had Tablet XP and Vista for years and Scoble used to schill those as well. My thoughts on the consumer aspect can be found here . There is a bigger issue that developers need to pay attention to. Since the tablet will use a similar form factor (as reported right now) as an iPhone/iPod Touch, the tablet will likely support existing iPhone apps. So unless "full screen tablet apps" cost more than regular apps, Apple will need to change the entire pricing model for existing tablet style applications. When someone built an application for the Windows XP Tablet, it would be priced just like an existing Windows based application, so about $200-300. MindManager , for example, cost $395. The iPhone version costs $7.99. It will have to hit a lot of users to match the original price. Apple revolutionized music pricing with iTunes and even though the tablet may change the print o