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Apple "Focus": What do you want your A/R glasses to do?

Apple has new iPhones coming next week  but I saw that they had plans for A/R glasses and some of their recent acquisitions  confirm this. Most articles discussing A/R use the large VR headsets as their starting point which is a non-starter for many people. Then I saw this image from IDropNews : Now THAT's what I'm talking about. If you've never seen the Bose Frames , you should check them out. These provide a great template for the type of A/R that will make non-gamers stand up and take notice. The Google Glasses concept is far too "android" (no pun intended) for regular use, I need REAL glasses.  Forget the gaming benefits. In recent years, I've used video sunglasses for hands-free recording and while I enjoy them, they are still too bulky. You can get them fairly cheap so they are worth considering for isolated purposes. You need people to wear glasses every day to make A/R a reality. (Update: I missed this older story on the Verge but Int