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Tip: Add your application in Control Panel

Here's another Foxite goodie: Add your application in Control Panel Of course, this works for any application, not just VFP apps - but if you've ever wondered about how to easily add your application to the Windows control panel, here you go. I ran it with Windows 7 and it added it with only 3 security warnings. FoxPro VFP

Tom's Planner | Online Project Planning

I first read about this tool over on TechCrunch and noted it down. I just tried it and have to say "wow". Project Management can be hard but this tool makes communicating it super easy. Even better, the project manager can publish it online (with password protection for easier review) It's certainly not as powerful as MS Project but many times too much time is spent filling in details that are never used when the most important part of handling a project is communicating where it's at. Project files are stored on your own computer so you still have control over them but you can publish it, export it as a Project file or even just as an image. The file format is simply a text file with details (this might be the beginning of a nice open standard project format) This is a great online tool to do just that.

Thank You

On every day, we are thankful for our freedom. Thank You. To all of the veterans, of every nation, everywhere, who have given us that freedom.

Windows 7 - review for developers

(note: the title refers to a review for developers - this is not about how to develop specifically for Windows 7 but rather a review of Windows 7 from the point of a developer and how its changes may affect you.) Ars Technica does a very detailed review of Windows 7 , going through key features and also the left-over bits of Vista. I'm using Windows 7 and find when I move over to XP or even Windows 2003, I really miss many features and so definitely recommend upgrading but let's go through the details on the review. I've been using Windows 7 on and off now in beta and in its public form for over a year. While I never could wrap my head and get totally into Vista (I typically used Windows 2003 as a workstation - but I had to install and remove it for Trish twice), my first impressions of Windows 7 were very positive. The way Microsoft has "fixed" UAC for security is HUGE and while I still get a few "Are you sure you want to" dialogs, it's far less fre