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Always Be Releasing: one week iterations

In reviewing older posts, I came across this little gem that had never been posted but is always particularly relevant to development today. I posted a more thorough outline on my process blog. It's a short post but hits on a key point for developers and anyone involved in a project that seems to be going on and on: I burn out when I'm not releasing. One of my clients recently started one week iterations. If you're feeling burnt out, take a step back and think about something you can release this week. I was asked "do I feel the one week is too short a time?" Surprisingly, I said No. The one week iteration ensures there are no "beware the man in a dark room" syndrome but it also allows for very little time for re-design and refactoring. Programmers that like to tinker and sit back and re-design over and over again really don't work well in this one week iteration process. it's not &quo