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Top Ten Fox News Highlights/Lolights of the 2003

1. A new version of VFP on the way. Europa was announced and previewed to many, ending the annual "is this the last version of VFP" and yet starting a new one. (Will Europa be the last version of VFP? - sheesh, doesn't anyone have anything better to do with their time?)   2. Blogs come in big-time. Just as Ted Roche showed me what a blog was at DevCon 2003, there seemed to be a huge rush to the technology with just about everyone and their dog getting a blog. Except one - where is the blog from the Fox developers?   3. DevCon announced for 2004. Surely I jest - but many people seemed to read in that since Advisor had not announced where DevCon would be in 2004, that it may not happen at all and that meant that MS was surely planning on killing off FoxPro, right? Wrong! DevCon 2004 in Las Vegas (but in a resort??? - go figure that one out) means that there is still some money to be made on the conference circuit. Even if the numbers

Interviewing Steve Jobs (and the basics of freedom to steal)

Interesting that he didn't bring up the Apple lawsuit! Apple Computer only has the license to the name because they promised NEVER to get into the music business (to compete with Apple Records by the Beatles)! There's a lawsuit pending and we'll only get this resolved ages from now. I use MusicNow (YES! - it's on Subscription) and have to say I really like it - although in a few days, I will be receiving an AudioTron unit from and if it can't play Apple iTunes songs or MusicNow songs, I will never download from those sites. Artists deserve the rights to be paid for their music. Those who want to download it for free - you know, enjoy it but if you really enjoy it, BUY IT!!! This is like kids who taped records for their friends - if you really wanted it, you would go out and buy it. I buy music all the time - I don't download it now because I subscribe and I love the idea. This is why people like NetFlix - you subscribe and you get