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5 Great Reasons to attend Virtual FoxFest

What's coming up?

Virtual FoxFest is coming up soon (sessions start October 14th). Like last year, the conference is entirely virtual yet includes great breakdown rooms and sessions to add that nice one-on-one feel that you get in person.

It's also staggered so you can choose which days you want to attend - October 14th, 20th and 26th. This is great if you can't break away for a consecutive three days.

But really, I've gone through the sessions and I see five great sessions that I'm eager to check out.

1. A Decade of Thor (Rick Schummer)
Thor has been an extension for Visual FoxPro that many developers swear by, yet many don't know even exists. Visual FoxPro's built-in extensions are great but Jim Nelson's Thor supercharges your IDE. I can't believe it's been ten years - so Rick's session should be able to not just whet your appetite but give you all the reasons you should be using it.

2. VFP C++ compiler. 
Last year, we saw DotNetX as well as VFP Advanced. VFP Advanced is still going strong with great support for 64-bit applications.  But this session has me intrigued. An add-on to provide both 64-bit support AND secure. Sign me up!

3. AWS Hosted VFP
Everything seems to use AWS these days so why not VFP? Using JDBC for accessing data and linking directly to AWS is a great way to bring your VFP application into the next generation of tools.

4. Building and Consuming REST-Based API with VFP
You've seen REST APIs even if you aren't aware of them. While VFP has always been more SOAP-based, the rest of the development world has moved to REST so why shouldn't you? I know Rick will be showcasing the West-Wind implementations but understanding how and why REST solutions are needed makes this session super exciting.

5. Multithreading in VFP
If you're building web-based services for VFP or also want to give your application a smoother experience, you want to use multi-threading. Kevin is going to use Christof's DMULT.DLL  - something I've never heard of.

There are a bunch of other exciting sessions at Virtual FoxFest including SQL Server reporting and document management, modernization of VFP and more.

What sessions are you excited for?


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