Saturday, September 10, 2005

MarkusEgger. The Wonderful World of Magazine Auditing

Markus opens up the hood under Code and other magazines' audits and it shows some very interesting numbers.

Visual Studio Magazine:
* 2001: 109,610 paid copies
* 2002: 106,066 paid copies
* 2003: 74,274 paid copies
* 2004: 38,294 paid copies

"So they are basically at a point where they lost two thirds of their paid readership. Ouch!" (from Markus)

What he noted excitedly was that Code Magazine was continually increasing - which is great news - it's a great magazine.

But what are people reading? if you're reading this, you're likely in the same boat I am - I have magazines that I still haven't gotten into but I'm getting the same great information online via Blogs, RSS and podcasts.

It must be quite a struggle for magazines these days - I think I'll ask Markus that when we get together for our FoxShow interview next week. - Development Blog

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