Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kevin Ragsdale's Desktop Alerts Rock

So if you have ever wanted to have alerts pop-up like they do in Outlook, Kevin's got a great screen cast that walks through how he did this in Excel. He also had his intro one back from Sept 25 - here's the link so you know what he's referring to.

Warning: the screencast takes some time to popup but it's a very effective way of showing how this tool works, including from other applications such as within Excel.

I just added some basic toolbar Alerts to my application and now I'm totally jealous. I have to redesign it as Kevin's implementation totally rocks!

Now the question is: where's the code?

Kevin Ragsdale : Screencast: Desktop Alert Callbacks

1 comment:

Kevin Ragsdale said...

Thanks, Andrew!

I'll be posting the code and whitepaper later this week.

We'll see if you still think it 'rocks' after you see the code. :)